Acquisition Analysis

Will the addition of that new market cluster you’ve been eying enhance the value of your company or drag it down?  Will you continue to operate it like the seller, will you “tweak” it, or will you be forced to start over?  Are there synergies you can capture or will you plan on savings that won’t materialize?

BMT’s management team includes experienced senior-level group heads, engineers, operating and financial executives and attorneys.  They have been involved in literally hundreds of acquisitions, from inmarket purchases of a competitor to acquiring a new market.  Imagine having access to that kind of experience in your company.  In addition, the BMT team can help you avoid disruptions, analyze sales, programming, engineering, business and overall office functions of your new acquisition and through our experience advise you if your anticipated synergies will really create savings.  And it starts at the beginning as our financial and business development teams will help insure that you pay no more than you should for that acquisition.  BMT on your team is like having the resources of the largest broadcast companies in the business.