Broadcast Property Evaluation

All radio stations in a market are not created equal. Does the Company you’re thinking of backing (or the radio business your portfolio company wants to buy) have broadcast facilities that are “market competitive” or do they lack a critical element for success? Are the stations being deployed to maximum advantage?  Should stations be acquired or divested?

BMT’s unique combination of media, valuation,  operational, workout and engineering expertise allows us to quickly and efficiently value your media portfolio—and perhaps most importantly identify potential ways to tap into “hidden” or strategic value in your assets. Our services include: engineering evaluation designed to identify any way that your broadcast properties may be improved from a technical standpoint that maximizes their practical and balance sheet value. We provide single asset or company valuations related to potential transactions including acquisition and divestiture analysis and valuation, due diligence support and valuations for recapitalizations, management buyouts, joint ventures and strategic alliances.