C-Level Executive Services

Is your company just not performing up to the level you’d like?  Are you unable to attract a quality COO, CFO, etc. because the size of your company does not warrant that kind of expense?  Would you like to access the experience of C-Level executives with operating, finance, M&A, engineering, and legal experience with hundreds of different broadcast operations?

An alliance with BMT can provide you just that.  Let our CEO act as your CEO or COO, with your line level managers having access to him as if he is your own.  Companies like Horizon and Horton Broadcasting and Radioactive LLC currently avail themselves of this “rent a C-Level Executive” concept and you can too.  This service can also also include access to our other seasoned financial (including our CFO), operational, M&A, engineering and legal executives.  We can structure a package to provide you with the services you need so that you can be one of the big guys without the overhead