Financial Evaluation

Have you received a forbearance letter from your lender and are wondering how to respond?  Is your capital base structured to enhance equity appreciation or eat into it? Are you over-leveraged (or does your equity investor or lender think you are)? Are your required debt payments (principal and interest) and covenants in line with projected levels of revenue, expenses and broadcast cash flow?

These are the questions every owner has to face at one time or another and now there is help.  BMT can evaluate your current situation and provide the answers you need.  We are experienced in working with lenders in troubled situations, we talk their language and we know what they are looking for.  We can design a quality response to a forbearance letter that will contain an action plan to keep the lender at bay.  If its time to restructure, our CFO has extensive experience in this area so you’ll be buttoned up in your presentation.  In difficult situations the most important thing is to show the lender that you understand and are being proactive.  A strategic alliance with BMT does just that.