Private Labeling & Outsourcing

Having difficulty attracting good engineering talent?  Are you having trouble meeting the needs of your lenders and equity backers because of an inability to hire a true CFO?  Would you like to eliminate certain functions in your organization and outsource them to a company that understands the broadcast business and all its nuances?  Would you like to do so and not have that downsizing be transparent to the outside world?

BMT is the answer you’ve been looking for.  We have the ability to handle your back room functions, including the traffic function, as well as the advanced engineering functions that all broadcasters need, including FCC related services.  BMT also offers interim management services when you have to make a management change and wish to have an open search.

And, we can do all these things on either an outsourcing basis, or if you prefer seamlessly behind the scenes (Private Labeling) so it appears that it is all happening at your company.