With the economic outlook optimistic, now is the time to position your companies to take advantage of the economy’s positive growth. There are many ways to insure that you and your portfolio clients are in the best possible situation, both operationally and financially, to maximize revenue and cash flow. BMT has years of radio broadcasting experience, bringing you a total package of operational, technical and financial resources to fit any circumstance.

  • The economy is turning. Does existing management have the capabilities to maximize revenue and cash flow in a growing economy? Are the present operations positioned in all areas to take advantage of the turning economy? BMT can quickly evaluate all areas of station operations, including management, programming, sales, technical and financial operations and provide recommendations in all areas to maximize a station’s operating potential.
  • For the first time in a long time, lenders and investors have the ability to restructure their debt and equity based on stabilizing revenue and cash flow levels. Do owners and/or management have the capability of working with their lender or investor to develop debt and equity facilities that have terms and conditions that are fair, and meet the requirements of both sides? BMT can work with you and your station borrowers, owners, and clients to analyze current and projected operations, and develop a capital structure that has covenants, terms and conditions that are reasonable for all parties.
  • A number of institutions and broadcasting companies are turning to the legal system to provide relief. BMT has experience functioning as a trustee and receiver in complex legal and financial situations.

BMT can provide all this and more! With our years of experience operating in the broadcast and financial community, BMT is a single resource for almost any situation you are dealing with in your portfolio – whether you are facing a questionable situation and need some independent analysis or recommendations, or you have a borrower or investment client that could use assistance in reviewing operations and restructuring their balance sheet.

BMT offers a comprehensive array of value-added services including C-level executive management, all levels of consulting engineering services, operational management and oversight, Trusteeships, and a full range of financial management services. And, when you, your debtor or your investment is faced with trouble, BMT has extensive experience with all restructuring and workout alternatives including those within and outside of bankruptcy

Broadcast owners and operators use BMT to fill critical gaps in management, maximize their audience and value of their assets, private labeled and outsourced services, and to identify strategic acquisitions and divestitures in today’s challenging environment. Broadcast investors trust BMT for help with their portfolio companies and advising them about asset and company valuations, due diligence, restructuring alternatives and exit strategies. Lenders count on BMT to help them and their debtors with broadcast loan restructuring, maximizing the value of debtor assets, receiverships and other workout strategies, and interim executive management services

You can see why we say that BMT is a single resource for nearly any situation facing you today and in the future.

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You can see why we say that BMT is a single resource for nearly any situation facing you today and in the future.

  • Broadcast Owner / Buyer
  • Equity Investor
  • Lender